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Membership Benefit Highlights

Advocacy: BMBCC will always advocate for issues that are important to our membership.Your input is crucial to us on social, political and general concerns in the community.

 Referrals: You will have an opportunity to review referrals for current members and have your customers or clients 

enter referrals on behalf of your business at no charge.

Along with your business profile, you will have a one-stop view of your business for future clients.  

Seminars, such as valuable marketing and strategic planning; Workshops and Business

Company Publication in our Online Directory, Newsletters, and social media outlets. 

Counseling from seasoned professional all becomes an 

option with your membership.

You and your staff will have opportunities to mix and cultivate business through the chamber’s monthly

networking meetings.


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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