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About Us

The Birmingham Metro Black Chamber of Commerce is a private nonprofit body serving cities and counties in the surrounding areas. The BMBCC is the only sanctioned central Alabama affiliate of the Alabama State Black Chamber of Commerce. Our objective is to assist in growing and maintaining a well-built, effective, and  incorporated business community.


Our mission is to help position black owned businesses and strengthen their chances of greater opportunities in their chosen  industries. We are driven by the lack that plagues our community. It's our responsibility as a Chamber that represents the African American communities economic value, to focus on more effective methods countering the problems that hinders us. We need all hands on deck, all businesses involved. No one individual can do it alone, it truly takes a village of like-minded people that shares the same business culture. Our core values are first and foremost integrity, followed by respect, and leadership. We are govern by these principles..


An empowered African American business community through entrepreneurship, education, and business development.

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